Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo For Dry Hair : Review

I never thought that I would review this product because it was a wrong purchase. Instead of Dry Shampoo I ordered this online ( I don’t know where was I lost while ordering, duh!).

I have an oily scalp, so I never thought this Shampoo would work for me. I thought of giving it a try for once, because I didn’t want my money go to waste. So I washed my hair with it, having no expectations and thinking of no good end results.


Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo

But, But, But, everything turned out to be opposite. Post wash, my hair felt smooth when they were wet and I was like they will not be smooth once they dry, But once my hair were completely dry they felt so smooth, silky and frizz free. I was totally astonished and happy at the same time. But (again “But”. I know : rolling eyes) to be sure about the results I used this 3-4 times and the end result were the same. So guys, I was so happy that my money didn’t go to waste rather was used effectively.

Also, I love the way it smells.



It’s on the expensive side though for 250 ml bottle  But If you love exploring new products and experimenting then you should give it a try.


Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo


I am definitely going to repurchase this Shampoo.

If you purchase this one after reading my review, do let me know your experience. Also, I would love to hear all of yours experiences with Toni & Guy products and don’t forget to tell me which one is your favourite .

I am loving my hair these days, so here I am posting a picture for you guys.




My L’Oreal Favourites

Yesterday while applying my L’Oreal Lip gloss I got and idea of doing my L’Oreal Favourites. So, guys in this blog post I will share with you all my recent L’Oreal favourites and why I like them. Without much further ado, here I goooo :

L’Oreal Kajal Magique Bold

Kajal is something without which I feel incomplete. I don’t leave my house without applying kajal.

Offlate I am liking this one over Maybelline as it is more pigmented. They claim it to be smudge-proof but it does smudges after a while (4-5 hrs) from my waterline, I suppose every kajal does that  after a while (if you don’t conceal it) and I am fine with that. I like its texture and it glides easily on my waterline.

If you apply it with concealer or powder then it stays for more  than 6 hours on my waterline without smudging.



L’Oreal Kajal Magique Bold



L’Oreal Kajal Magique Bold

I would recommend you to try this for once.

L’Oreal Gel eyeliner

I have these in two colours : Brown and Black.


L’Oreal Gel eyeliner

Last year I got bored with black and when my black one got finished so I bought brown one and then after a while bought the black one again, because no can do without black one. 🙂

03 Chic Brown: It has a glossy finish. It’s creamy and glides on like a dream while applying. It’s highly pigmented and waterproof. Once it dries, it does not moves from it’s place.


Chick Brown and Profound Black

01 Profound Black : The black one is also creamy and glides on like a dream while applying. It gives matte finish. Once it dries, it does not moves from it’s place as well. Once you use it you’ll definitely repurchase it. This is my second black gel liner from L’Oreal.

It’s bit on expensive side but little goes long way and will last longer.

Must try guys.!!

Swatches of the L’Oreal  Kajal and Gel Liners


Volume Million Lashes : Extra Black

Hmmmm.. I like it a lot. It’s dark and gives volume, as it claims. It lifts my lashes without even using eyelash curler. It defines my lashes and it’s extra black. Being precise, It staisfies my soul. And which ever products does that I love it. J

I would say Must try!


L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes : Extra Black



L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes : Extra Black

Swatch of the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes


The Top Pic : Eyelashes without Mascara The Lower Pic : Eyelashes with Mascara


L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss

I have this gloss in the colour I GOT THE POWER (110). As I am more of a nude person, so this is perfect for me. It smells and tastes sweet, moisturises my lips and I love the applicator. Gives my lips extra shine and natural pink colour. If you are a nude person like me, you’ll like it.


L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss : I Got The Power (110)



L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss : I Got The Power (110)



L’Oreal Infallible Mega Gloss Applicator

Loreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Matte

I have this in colour Samaritaine Beige. I love the rose gold packaging. This year I am loving anything that is matte (as I told you in my previous blog posts). This lipstick is liquid, matte, non-drying, smooth, nude, light-weight texture and moisturising which is for me equal to loooving it. It does transfers but not that much.



L’Oreal Samaritaine Beige



L’Oreal Samaritaine Beige


Swatches of the Loreal I Got The Power and Samaritaine Beige


Loreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick

Again it’s a nude colour and it is in the colour 301 Dating Coral. It gives my lips natural peachy pink colour. It has a mild shimmer in it. It’s  hydrating, smooth and gives a glossy finish. I like it.



L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick : Dating Coral 301



Swatch : L’Oreal Dating Coral 301


Loreal Infallible 24 Hr Stay Fresh Foundation

I am in the colour Natural Rose (125). It gives matte finish and stays on for a long time. It covers all the redness and blemishes. It gives medium to heavy coverage. All in all I like this product.

I would recommend you to give it a try.



L’Oreal Infallible Foundation : Natural Rose

Loreal True Match Powder

I am in the colour Rose Vanilla. I use this for setting my makeup mostly. In summers, I use this over my moisturiser just to soak in the extra moisture and make it matte especially in my T-zone ( nose, forehead and chin). It’s a good one, if you like trying new and different products then you should try this one.



L’Oreal True Match Powder : Rose Vanilla


Do tell me guyssss how you found this post and which L’Oreal product is your favourite one. 🙂

Take Care guys..!!




The Bod Shop Tea Tree BB Cream : Review

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Hiieee there you all!

While suffering from post acne blemished skin. I tried many BB creams like Garnier, Maybelline, etc. but wasn’t happy with them. They were like okay for me. Then one day, while shopping in The Body Shop one of the sales girl who was showing me products for acne prone skin, introduced me to The Tea Tree BB cream. I swatched it, wasn’t happy with how it smelled but she somehow convinced me to buy it.

2016-02-01 20.00.43 - Copy.png

The Body Shop BB Cream Shade 01

So the very first time I applied it and If I be honest I didn’t feel much difference while applying (straight face). The only thing I observed while applying was the good coverage and that it was shine-free.  And later that day when I went out with my friends they pointed out to me about my face rather complemented me. They said your skin looks better ( and I was so darn happy to hear that *still smiling*). It was then I realized that it does help in covering up your blemishes and imperfections. I have been using this BB cream for more than 2 years and I am quite happy with it.

The Body Shop BB Cream Swatch

2016-02-01 20.01.37 - Copy

BB Cream Sample (before application)

2016-02-01 20.02.17 - Copy

BB Cream Sample (after application)

I hope you can see the difference before and after the application of the BB cream.

One with blemished skin should give it a try, as this product is meant specially for this skin type. It gives you good coverage (for BB cream). They claim instantly spotless skin (which sounds really good). I won’t say instantly spotless skin but in a way it does cover up your blemishes and imperfections making your skin look better comparatively. It comes in 3 shades and I am in the shade 01

So all in all if I have to review this product, I would say it’s the good one and must try. It covers your imperfections /blemishes, blends into your skin, is long- lasting (as little is sufficient) and is shine free – these are the things which we all look & demand while purchasing BB cream with acne prone skin and it fulfills them. Although it’s bit expensive but it’s worth that amount.

If you buy this and like it, do share your experience here in the comment section. I would love to know. Also if you know any other BB cream for this skin type do let me know I am looking forward to try new ones.

You can buy this either from The Body Shop store in your city or online. Do look for the Offers/Sales which is mostly during off season or festive season. You’ll get the product at much better price and then you can save (yaaayyy!!!).

You can buy this Here : BBcream (UK) / BB cream (India) / Bb cream (USA)

Keep Shining !

Ways to Lead A Positive Life

As they say everyday is not Sunday!

Hey there you all..!!

Sometimes we all go through tough times or mood swings. And then we look for ways to overcome. Sometimes we google how to be happy or positive or something like that and if you happen to open this post. Here are the things which I did and which really helped me out. One thing which I would like to mention is, “Only You can make your life positive”. No one else can do that. Also remember, it’s not magic and wouldn’t happen overnight, it’s your consistency to walk on the positive path that matters and follow it unless you become the captain of your own positive ship.

Ways to lead a Positive Life:

  • Distance yourself from negative people, things and thoughts.  As I believe they are blood suckers and positivity suckers. They’ll suck your all positive energy. So bid them adieu.
  • Stop Complaining. Complaining is negative. The more you complain, the more you attract negativity. Universe listens to whatever you say. So, if you are complaining, It’s listening and will give you more reasons to complain. So put an end to it the moment you start complaining.
  • Stop expecting. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Practise makes a man perfect in this facet. It will take some time for sure. At first you’ll get hurt, second time you’ll condole yourself and get over it. And in later stages there will come a time, where you’ll be affected but in moments you’ll be able to overcome that.
  • Start appreciating. There is so much to appreciate: your parents, your family, your true friends, the life you have been blessed with, and so much. The more you appreciate your life, the more reasons universe will give you to appreciate more.
  • Complement whenever you can. Complementing people will bring a smile at their face and which indeed will make you feel happy, for making them happy.
  • Start saying no to people who do no good in your life and to you. You don’t owe them anything, okay. They are nobody to make you feel unwanted and low.  So let them go (sings:let it goooo, let it  goooo. Can’t hold it back anymoooooooree…)
  • Start loving yourself. Be proud of who you are. You are beautiful in you own very way, so stop comparing dear. (sings: You’re beautifulllllllll, it’s trueee..!! itssss damn trueeeee….)
  • Stop thinking about,”what people will think or what people are going to say”. They are going to comment anyway. Even if you are perfect and you are doing well, they are so good at their job that they will find something to talk and gossip about. So Let it be.
  • Read motivational books or watch some motivational/comedy movies. It really helps in changing your mood. Sometimes when you watch a good movie you feel inspired and you feel All izzz Well…!! (watch movies like 127 Hours, The Pursuit of Happyness, Eternal sunshine of spotless mind, 3 Idiots, Hangover, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Ted, Big Hero 6, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, The Judge, etc.)
  • Instead of changing people, change yourself. It’s easy to change yourself then to change others.( Try this once)
  • Talk to yourself, it’s not at all weird. Try to find out the problem, if you can’t talk to your friend/companion because of the thought of being judged. Then talk to yourself. And don’t be afraid to speak the truth while talking to yourself, No one is going to hear you and judge you. So be honest to yourself while finding out the problem. Because once you’ve found the true cause you’ll be able to handle it and solve it. Trust me on that.

Hope it was helpful in making you feel a little bit positive. 🙂

What do you guys do to make yourself positive and get going. Do tell me, would love to know other ways for myself.

🙂 Have a positive day..!! 🙂


Hello thereeeeeee.!!

It’s my very first shopping haul. ^_^

Shopping is something which makes everyone happy. Righhtt..! 🙂

Till now date there hasn’t been a time that I went out to help someone or for window shopping and didn’t end up buying anything for myself. I have to have buy something. Most of you can relate to what I am saying. I guess we shopaholic are like that only, addicted to shopping be it any kind.

Basically today I went to help my dad with shopping and end up buying things for myself *rolling eyes*. Isn’t it common amongst us girls that in helping others to shop we end up buying stuff for ourself. :))))))))))))

Also today I received two things which I ordered online, so thought of doing a quick blog-post.

Without much further ado, lets roll.

1) The Body Shop : Black Musk Fragrances

I had my eyes on it for quite long but somehow couldn’t go to their store and I couldn’t risk it buying online without knowing the fragrance, so today today finally bought it (yayayyayyayya). I went to buy their perfume but instead bought EDT and Oil perfume. Tell me if you guys want a review. The EDT costs around $23 / INR 2195 for 60 ml and the oil perfume costs $28 / INR 2095 for 20ml.


Black Musk : EDT

You can buy them here :



Black Musk : Perfume Oil


2) Maybelline Products

I bought two things from Maybelline section : Lipstick and Liquid Eyeliner.

Maybelline Totally Toffee



Maybelline : Totally Toffee



Maybelline : Swatch

This is a summery color and as its name it actually smells like toffee. It’s a nude color and I love nudes. So grabbed it. It’s around $6 / INR 399.

Maybelline Hyper Matte Liquid Liner



Maybelline : Hyper Matte Liquid Liner Swatch

The other thing I grabbed was their Hyper Matte Liquid Liner.  It’s around $5/ INR 325. Frankly speaking, I bought this because Kaushal Beauty really praised it and I was in need of a liquid liner, so thought to try this one.

This is all I bought from the Mall.

Then the following things I ordered online from New Look :

 Black and white Striped ¾ sleeves top


I loooovee stripessss. No matter how many striped tops or tees I have, I always want more. It’s around $15.


Buckle Detail Purse 


Buckle Detail Purse : New Look



Buckle Detail Purse in the color tan.  It’s around $23. Presently, I  am on a mission to collect anything and everything of tan color. Since, few months I am so so obsessed with this color that the moment I see clothes or shoes or bags in this color I grab it. Not guilty though..hahahah.

Hope you enjoyed going through this blog post.  Do tell me your current obsessions and how did you find this post.


Nivea Body Wash


Nivea Body Wash

It was a gift and I never used this one earlier. At first, I didn’t like how it smelled but after using it, my body smelled good, supple and moisturized. I am very particular about the products I use and especially how they smell. I have been religiously using this since this January and totally loving it.  Would definitely recommend it.

Maybelline Colorshow : Mysterious Mocha


Maybelline Colorshow: Mysterious Mocha

I am more of nude person ( at least right now). I rarely rather barely use colored lipsticks or lip glosses. In march, I bought this and ever since I have completely fallen in love with it. I totally love it because its matte. And currently I am loving anything that is matte. This is my current favourite and I think this one will be my forever favourite. I love how it smells and looks on my lips. Love, Love, Love..!! Must try it if you love nude.

Borghese Fango Mud Mask


Borghese Fango Mud Mask

I have reviewed this product earlier here: Fango Mud Mask. Currently I am loving it. It really cleanses my skin. I use it once in a week.

Tresemme Shampoo


Tresemme Shampoo

Right now totally loving it as well. I first used this Shampoo three-four years back and at that time also I loved it but then I stopped using it (don’t remember the reason). But since march, I have been using it again. After washing, my hair feels so soft and I have seen some improvement in my hair fall as well. Also I condition my hair after shampooing . You should never skip that part. J (I have been trying a new conditioner since march and I am loving that one also but will take few days more to review it. Because frankly speaking I want to be assured and satisfied before reviewing and recommending it to you guys).

The Body Shop Perfume


The Body Shop Perfume

I am loving this currently, you can read the review here: The Body Shop Perfume. I love how it smells sweet and seductive at the same time. I use it every time I go out. Love it!

The Nudes- Maybelline


The Nudes :  Maybelline

DOPE is the word for it. I bought it in January just for the Gold color. You can see the dent in the gold color in the palette 😛 . Since January, I have been attending lot of weddings and I use this every time I am going in a wedding or in a party. It is pigmented and versatile nude palette from day- to-night look. Also it is travel friendly, cute and lasts for decent amount of time. For a drugstore product it really really good. One must try it.

Tv Series

Daredevil  Season 1 and 2 and Of course the GOT Season 6 episode 1.



 I love Marvel’s be it their movies or Tv series and last month I finally thought of watching this one. I started the Daredevil marathon and within 10 days I completed it. I loved Charlie Cox who plays a blind lawyer who becomes hero fighting crimes at night. I was so amazed by his super sharp senses and all the details being blind he can figure out : BRILLIANT! I also liked the chemistry between him and his best friend Foggy. If you love action you’ll like this one.!!!

Game Of Thrones


Oh My God! How I have been waiting for 24-04-2016, so desperately. This is the only show I can’t wait to watch after finale. I have to watch it episode by episode because I don’t have that much of patience ( I guess none of GOT fan has that). And all I have been praying since last year was for Jon Snow to be ALIVE andddd I won’t tell you that. Some of you might have not watched it and I don’t want to spoil it for you.  😉